Isn’t it important that your pet dog gets the best grooming around? Several people do not realize the intricate steps involved in pet grooming. We at a Very Important Pet have mastered the art of pet grooming. The grooming process may appear to be easy when looked upon superficially – it may feel like merely running the clippers through the dog’s hair and cut through layers of hair but this is not the case. There may be tangles in the dog’s hair and it is essential to have these removed with tangle removing tools before the clippers are brought into use.

GroomingGrooming is simply way more than merely cutting the dog’s hair off. The bath is definitely the center of the grooming activity. It is very essential for the dog to be squeaky clean from the bath, inch by inch, right from the inside of his feet to ears. We recommend hand drying as a best drying strategy and is ideal for the dog’s skin and hair. Grooming a dog takes a lot of patience and perseverance – some dogs absolutely love the bath and the drying, while others put up some resistance to it. The dog’s involvement in the grooming activities depends on whether they are used to regular grooming and keeping the same groomer over time.

At a Very Important Pet, we believe cutting your dog’s hair is an art that comes with practice. We strive to give that unique and special cut to your dog’s hair, which depends on a number of elements. We make a note of the dimensions of the blades that we use on your dog’s body, legs, head and anywhere else. We acknowledge the fact that different breeds of dogs have varying types of hair and fur, with some dogs having soft and fine hair resembling the texture of cotton while some of them can have really coarse hair similar to a horse’s mane and they needed to be handled differently.

GroomingA Very Important Pet also takes the sensitivity of your pet’s skin seriously. We realize that some dogs can have extremely sensitive skin. By chance if your dog has a matt and sensitive skin, we wouldn’t be surprised if your pet wants to bite our face right off during the grooming! For such sensitive dogs, it takes our team and the customer working together to ensure not only that the grooming is perfect and painless, but also how the dog feels during the process. We also include your comments in our notes to improvise our future grooming activities and give the perfect hair cut to your dog.

At A Very Important Pet, we also go the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction by getting you a quick appointment and we try to work within your preferred timings. We strive to tailor our grooming process so as to leave your dog looking as great and perfect as you imagined. We also recommend staying with the same stylist for familiarity and learning your pet’s likes and dislikes over time. Simply put, At A Very Important Pet, we do everything in our capability to get the best groom your pet deserves!

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