Poodle for saleWhen you invest in a poodle puppy from A Very Important Pet located in the Clearwater, Florida area, your puppy will already be house trained and spayed or neutered when you introduce him into your home. What a relief!

If your puppy is not house trained, these tips are for you. If you have a poodle puppy purchased from A Very Important Pet, you won’t need these.

House Training Your Poodle Puppy

Before you bring your poodle puppy home, you will want to procure some supplies and consider how you plan to house train your new poodle puppy.

For house training, this method has many benefits and works quickly compared to others. Obtain a plastic tray like a planting tray or cat litter box and a bale of stray or hay. Place some of the straw or hay in the tray and place it by the door you will most often be using to take your puppy outside.

The straw or hay is so much like the natural outdoors that most puppies will use it without much coaxing. At first you will need to place the puppy in the tray very often. When your poodle puppy “goes” in the tray, make a big deal with lots of praise.

When he or she learns to go to the tray, watching your poodle puppy while inside your home will be much easier. You won’t have to be on constant watch.

Continue to take your puppy outside often. Change the tray material when needed. As your poodle puppy gets older, place less material in the tray and begin to wean from the tray by leaving the tray outside for longer and longer lengths of time, beginning with times when you are available to let your puppy outside.

Many make the mistake of using newspaper which is confusing to a puppy. Puppies trained to paper think they should pee on the paper, even when the paper has been placed on your sofa and you can’t blame them for misunderstanding. The pee pads that are available have the same issues and their use may delay successful training.

Having another dog makes house training much much easier as your puppy sees first hand what is expected.

Be on the lookout for UTIs- urinary tract infections as this can make training impossible. If your puppy doesn’t seem to be able to hold its urine for any rational amount of time, you make want to get it checked. If you see blood in the urine, you definitely should have a visit to the vet as soon as possible or begin treatment for a UTI.

IMG_0652Housebreaking can “make or break” your puppy experience. Planning and patience will insure success and a positive addition for your family. A Very Important Pet also offers life style training go here.

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