IMG_3613The Clearwater, Florida poodle breeders at A Very Important Pet care about the homes where their puppies are going and offer these training tips to help insure your pack’s contentment.

If you procured your poodle puppy from A Very Important Pet, your puppy will already be house trained so you can get started other training opportunities.

Will You Train Him, or Will He Train You? | Training Tips for Your Poodle Puppy

The best training tip is to avoid the common issues in the first place.

Your puppy will need a walk every morning and evening. To avoid dominance issues, don’t let your puppy walk in front of you or go through doors before you. Walk with your puppy beside you. You may be amazed at how well behaved your puppy is if you are able to follow this advice. Your puppy has lots of energy and it must be consumed in some manner. Dogs are pack oriented and they speak a different language. You have to show through actions that puppies understand that you are the boss.

Crates are great for those times when you can’t give your new poodle puppy all your attention. For a well-rounded, happy dog, you will need to limit the amount of time your puppy spends there. Consider a doggie day care. Temporarily change your schedule. Share the responsibilities while your poodle puppy is young to avoid leaving your puppy in the crate all day. Get every family member involved. Perhaps you have a neighbor or friend who would enjoy helping.

If you have another dog, all aspects of training are easier. The more well-mannered your dog is, the easier and better your puppy will be.

NewpaperThe best puppy toys are found in your recycling bin. Leave newspapers, magazines, and boxes for your puppy to shred when you leave. You will have a bit of a mess to clean up, but you will still have furniture.

The best dog foods are grain free. Think about it. How much of a dog’s natural diet would be corn? Yet corn is the main ingredient in most foods. Your puppy’s diet will be the most important factor in its health. Quality food equals healthy teeth.

Most of the dog food on the market is unacceptable but grain free options can be found in some grocery stores and certainly in pet specialty stores.

Books and videos by Cesar Millan and Barbara Woodhouse are great sources for training tips for your poodle puppy. Study before you bring your poodle puppy home and refer back as time passes. The experiences of the first year of your dog’s life greatly influences how he or she matures and the relationships your family will have with your poodle. It requires some effort, but your poodle puppy deserves and is well worth it.

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