GroomingGrooming a pet dog may seem superficial, however there are important benefits to grooming, especially if you reside in the Clearwater Florida region.

Paying Attention to Health

  • Catching It Early – that is diseases, nixes, bruises and other health issues can be caught by keeping the coat of your dog well-groomed.
  • Eliminate Pests – Ticks and fleas can hide in safe havens underneath thick coats. By trimming the mane, this gives less room to hide, and more room for owners to see what’s going on.
  • Better Visibility – overgrown hair can overlap into the eye area, causing accidents. Make sure pets are safe by keeping them well-groomed.
  • Humidity and Heat – Clearwater Florida has average annual temperatures in the high eighties. Grooming pets reduces the risk of hypothermia significantly.

Benefits to Owners

  • Healthier Home – As many pet owners are aware, dogs can shed a lot of hair at home. Grooming curbs the issue of excessive shedding, keeping homes cleaner, and reducing allergens or asthma that may be caused by dog hair.
  • Eliminate Flea and Ticks – as discussed earlier, regular grooming and bathing of pets helps to eliminate these nuisances.
  • Bonding – studies show that owners who groom their pets daily, even with a professional groomer, will tighten the bond. Start from puppyhood, if applicable, and make room for 5 minutes of soft brushing per day. Reserve clips and trims to professional dog groomers in Clearwater, Florida.

Pet dogs should receive health checks periodically, in addition to grooming to check for diseases, predisposal to certain diseases, as well as to receive vaccinations against diseases like heartworm and others.

Tips for Dog Grooming in Clearwater Florida

  • Get On Schedule – Grooming is recommended regularly, and depending on the thickness and regrowth rate for hair and nails, this activity is recommended once per week or month. The maximum interval should be two months. By securing a regular and professional dog groomer, pets will grow familiar, less anxious, and discounts may be provided.
  • DIY – while DIY is an option, having a well-kept pet dog usually occurs with professional grooming. The difference in results are usually dramatic, just look at any before and after image between the two online.

Expert dog groomers in Clearwater Florida, know the perfect methods for keeping pets groomed and feeling loved all at one. Treats are usually provided as rewards, and soothing techniques are used in the process – to keep pets and their parents calm.