Dogs use much energy to communicate. Energy is being in the moment. Dogs do know each other by the activities and energy they share, not by name. They interact with humans the same way. Humans also communicate with their dogs through energy even if we do not realize it. Even if we talk, explain, rationalize, and persuade our pets, the only thing getting to them is their energy signals.

Dogs automatically know what to do. The alpha dog is not shouting orders but the submissive dogs know how to interact with each other. Dogs are harmonious, accomplish a purpose, and that purpose is what they are supposed to fulfill.

A mother’s assertive but calm energy is the first energy that puppies experience after birth. Later on in their life, the puppies will feel the pack leaders having the same assertive and calm energy and they will follow it. Pack followers return a submissive and calm energy. Most of these followers are naturally born to be submissive because only a small percentage may be pack leaders.

When a pack follower lives with humans who are not leading them, they tend to try filling in the role of a pack leader to maintain balance. Behavioral problems develop this way.

If you want to establish your role as the leader of the pack, you must project an assertive and calm energy. The natural balance creates and stabilizes a centered, balanced, and happy dog through a dog trainer



You can project an assertive and calm energy by using your imagination. Imagine people who show confidence such as a mentor or parental figure or a fictional character such as a superhero. Think about how they carry themselves. How do they show confidence? Stand like they do. Move like they do. Take deep and long breaths. Let your body relax but put your head up. Chest out and shoulders back.

When you feel that you are comfortable with being assertive and calm, you will be able to communicate with your dog using your body language and energy only. Do not be surprised when you project the right energy and your dog starts following you and sits beside you.

Be the most appealing thing to your dog. Engage with the natural social instincts of your dog. Lead your dog and he will soon realize that you are the pack leader. He will eventually ask for your approval of “making prey” of other dogs, bike riders, squirrels, and neighbors’ children. Develop familliarity with what is predator energy and prey. The energy of the predator is what pushes your dog to move. It is what unleashes stress inside of them and makes them want to do something. The prey energy enables them to have an outlet for all the stress that has been bottling up inside of them.

Letting your dog know who the leader is enables you to communicate well with them using your energy. Show confidence and calmness. Give them something they can look at whenever they need some guidance. It is best to draw inspiration from confident people that you admire around you. Dog training in Clearwater is important for people and dogs alike since they train the pet and the owner to exchange the right types of energy.