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Dog Kennels: What You Need to Know

Dog kennels are all different, but there are some things you need to be aware of that are pretty universal.  Regardless of the rules of your dog boarding center, there are a few common sense things to remember. What do you need to do to prepare your dog for dog kennels? Make a reservation prior [...]

Need Dog Boarding? aVIP Can Help!

Dog boarding:  What's involved? We all love our dogs and hate to leave them behind, but let’s face it… dog boarding is a necessary part of owning a dog.  For most of us, our dogs are like our kids.  And, you wouldn’t want to leave your child with a stranger with nothing fun for your [...]

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Dog Training in Clearwater: Being Calm and Assertive

Dogs use much energy to communicate. Energy is being in the moment. Dogs do know each other by the activities and energy they share, not by name. They interact with humans the same way. Humans also communicate with their dogs through energy even if we do not realize it. Even if we talk, explain, rationalize, [...]

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Foods for your Dog

Many people have heard that giving table food to dogs is not good. The reality is, there are lots of table scraps that can be healthy and safe for your dogs to eat. Of course, giving food from your plate is never a good idea. Keep in mind that just because a specific type of [...]

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The Benefits Dog Boarding in Clearwater, Florida

Any pet owner will tell you that having a family dog is much like raising kids. If there’s an errand to be ran, or a trip needed, you have to focus on who will safely and properly care for your baby. The answer is a dog boarding facility in Clearwater, Florida, which functions much like [...]

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The Importance of Dog Grooming in Clearwater Florida

Grooming a pet dog may seem superficial, however there are important benefits to grooming, especially if you reside in the Clearwater Florida region. Paying Attention to Health Catching It Early – that is diseases, nixes, bruises and other health issues can be caught by keeping the coat of your dog well-groomed. Eliminate Pests - Ticks [...]

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Standard Poodle are Great Family Dogs

Finding standard poodle puppies for sale will be the greatest find you ever make because they make great family dogs. You will find these awesome standard poodle puppies for sale in Clearwater Florida, just simply call a Very Important Pet at 7274466700 to get your pet today. Standard poodle puppies are easy to train and [...]

Training Tips | Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale Clearwater

The Clearwater, Florida poodle breeders at A Very Important Pet care about the homes where their puppies are going and offer these training tips to help insure your pack's contentment. If you procured your poodle puppy from A Very Important Pet, your puppy will already be house trained so you can get started other training [...]

House Training Your Poodle Puppy – Standard Poodles for Sale in Clearwater

When you invest in a poodle puppy from A Very Important Pet located in the Clearwater, Florida area, your puppy will already be house trained and spayed or neutered when you introduce him into your home. What a relief! If your puppy is not house trained, these tips are for you. If you have a [...]

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