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Dog Kennels: What You Need to Know

Dog kennels are all different, but there are some things you need to be aware of that are pretty universal.  Regardless of the rules of your dog boarding center, there are a few common sense things to remember. What do you need to do to prepare your dog for dog kennels? Make a reservation prior [...]

Need Dog Boarding? aVIP Can Help!

Dog boarding:  What's involved? We all love our dogs and hate to leave them behind, but let’s face it… dog boarding is a necessary part of owning a dog.  For most of us, our dogs are like our kids.  And, you wouldn’t want to leave your child with a stranger with nothing fun for your [...]

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Finches for Adoption – Click here for more information

Finches for Adoption, owner left the country and due to family difficulty will not be able to return for the Finches. Just $100 adoption fee and cage included. Give us a call.

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Standard Poodles All puppies Sold. View Sold Puppies Click here Goldendoodle puppies coming February!

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RustyWelcomes Dogs to stay at the aVIP Doggie Day Care!

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