Dog Services in Clearwater

/Dog Services in Clearwater

A Very Important Pet is a reliable dog center in Clearwater Florida that offers many services for your dog. We do doggie day care, dog boarding, grooming, dog breeding, puppy/dog training, and many more!

Weight Camp for dogs at aVIP in Clearwater Just what your dog needs

Obesity in pet dogs is a common health concern. When left untreated, obesity can take a toll on the dog’s health and leave the animal prone to diabetes, joint pains and other illnesses. For the dogs, the extra pounds can become a challenge to deal with due to their short legs. Maintaining an ideal weight [...]

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Do dogs need everyday exercise? Dog Center in Clearwater

It is very important for dogs to get everyday exercise for their physical and emotional well-being. Exercising everyday helps the dogs with staying in a healthy and happy state. Walking a dog regularly provides the necessary physical activity needed for the dog. Even when the course of the walk isn’t considerably long, the dog gets [...]

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Doggie Daycare at A Very Important Pet – Providing a safe haven for your dog

        Playtime and physical activity is a must for any pet’s physical and emotional well-being. Dogs love the outdoor fresh air and enjoy it even more when they play with other dogs. We at ‘A Very Important Pet’ are aware of these important facts and proudly offer our Doggie Daycare services. Based [...]

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Clearwater Dog Center – Pet Grooming with a Difference!

        Dog grooming is an essential aspect of caring for your pet dog. This process really implies quality and hygienic care for your dog, cleaning the animal and at the same time enhancing the physical appearance of the dog. Dog grooming is indispensable for the dog to stay fit due to reasons [...]

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