WEIGHT is one of the most important issues in a dogs life. Most dogs love to get treats and eat good food. However, tough love is very important in the life of a dogs weight. Limit treats to rewards and do not over feed at meal time. Remember, 5 extra pounds on your canine is like 30 extra pounds on you!

Do not make your dog walk on extremely hot or cold asphalt, cement, etc… the pads of their paws are not made out of steel. If it is too hot for you to walk barefoot, then chances are that it is too hot for your dog, also.

To keep your dog busy, buy toys with little holes in them (such as a Kong), put both big and small pieces of kibble in the toy and give it to your dog. This will keep him busy for quite awhile presuming he has a few small ones that he gets out quickly. You can also wedge dog biscuits in the holes with a smear of peanut butter.

When your dog is teething, instead of have him chewing on couches, walls etc. Buy a few (cheap) wash clothes. Soak the wash cloth and put it in the freezer. When fully frozen give it to the dog to chew,and know that it will thaw out, so have another one ready in the freezer. (be careful when doing this with very small dogs, as they may get a chill. I have heard of small dogs getting too cold too quickly when chewing on ice.)

Brushing your dog is very good for your pet. It helps prevents mats and hair knots, making it easier to bath and groom your pet in the future. Not to mention your dog will love it and it will be a bonding experience for the dog as well.