Questions & Answers

What if my dog gets sick or injured while staying at aVIP?

aVIP uses Dr. Stenzel at Clearwater Animal Clinic on Missouri Ave. The clinic is about 2 miles away and takes less than 10 minutes to reach. Should any medical situation occur during your pet’s stay with aVIP, One of aVIP’s staff will immediately take your pet to see Dr. Stenzel.

Will my little dog be overwhelmed by the bigger dogs?

No, at aVIP we have three separate play areas. The little dogs have their own area to play in so they are safe from the large paws in the big dog area.

I haven’t had time to get my dog’s shot updated but I need to send him to aVIP. What are my options?

We totally understand that things get busy! Having your pet’s vaccines up to date is for their protection and the protection of the other pets that are visiting. For this reason we do require that the vaccines be up to date.

However, we want to help. If you have this situation, please call us and let us know before you drop off your pet, we will often be able to take your pet to visit Dr. Stenzel at the Clearwater Animal Clinic to receive his or her vaccines.

Should I bring my dog’s bed for an overnight stay?

No need, at aVIP we have many dog beds that are brought out at bed time. Your dog will have a comfy place to sleep.

Should I bring my dog’s favorite toy?

No need. At aVIP we have plenty of toys for your dog to play with and activities to keep your dog entertained. Bringing a favorite toy may end up in a lost or broken toy, and we wouldn’t want to have that happen to his or her favorite. Remember, there are so many dogs to meet and things to do at aVIP, that a favorite toy isn’t really needed to keep your pet busy!