Dog boarding:  What’s involved?

We all love our dogs and hate to leave them behind, but let’s face it… dog boarding is a necessary part of owning a dog.  For most of us, our dogs are like our kids.  And, you wouldn’t want to leave your child with a stranger with nothing fun for your child.  Likewise, we want our dogs taken care of properly with love and attention.

The Best Dog Boarding in Clearwater, Florida…

 “A Very Important Pet”, or aVIP is the “daycare center” for dogs located in Clearwater, Florida.  If you want your dog in a comfortable setting where he’s getting the best attention possible, this is your place.

Why would you want dog boarding in Clearwater?

We’d love to be able to take our dogs everywhere… but society just won’t allow it.  For anything from short errands to day trips to long vacations, you’ll want your pet to be cared for and loved … so he can have a vacation, too!  Depending on the length of stay, different prices are offered so you can save your hard money.

Why put up your pet in a dog boarding center?
dog boarding
Just like a child doesn’t want to be dropped at old Aunt Sue’s place at the spur of the moment, your dog will have some reservations about that as well.  And, don’t think they don’t know… our pets are way more sensitive to feelings than any human!  Not only is the nearest relative not always your dog’s first choice, it’s also practically impossible to be able to count on a relative to bail you out every time (not to mention rude!)  Once your dog sees how much fun he’s having, dropping him off will be a joy for both of you as you use the facility often with the same dog-loving people waiting there.

  • Vacations

Most of us want to go on some kind of vacation at least once a year.  While there are some pet-friendly places to stay, this limits your fun-seeking tremendously.  You don’t want to go through life NEVER staying at those luxurious 5-star hotels or NEVER going on a cruise!  When you leave your dog with the responsible dog-loving staff at aVIP, your calls to check in are welcome.  Conversely, if you’re leaving your dog at a pet-friendly hotel while you go out on the beach for the day, he’s likely NOT to be very happy in a strange place with no one there to love him.

  • Emergency Travel

Like it or not, people die, get sick, or whatever mandates YOU having to hop on a plane in a moment’s notice.  Wouldn’t it comfort you to know you can always depend on your favorite “vacation spot” in Clearwater, Florida for your dog?

Beware, not all dog boarding facilities are the same…

How can you know for sure if you’re picking the right dog boarding facility?  The following tips can help you pick the right place:

  • Make sure the dog boarding facility you pick is properly licensed with a trained staff. You might want to visit the facility first with your pet to see if it looks like something your pet would enjoy.  Of course, on the very first visit, some pets might show signs of being nervous.  It would be very helpful indeed if the people handling your dog are trained to know how to direct the pet’s attention onto something else to keep him happy.
  • Make sure there is plenty of enjoyable space for your dog to roam. Many veterinarian clinics advertise “dog boarding”, when really all they do is put your dog in a cage.  Do you want to lock your pet up in “jail” while you go on vacation?  I didn’t think so.  Your pet deserves to have a vacation, too!
  • Make sure your dog boarding facility knows how to socialize different breeds and when it’s important to keep dogs safe from other pet attacks. This is a big issue if you know a neighbor who takes in pets from everywhere for some side cash.  Not always a good idea, as many pets just don’t get along!  It’s comforting to know that the people at aVIP know what they’re doing when it comes to animal safety.
  • Of course, any good dog boarding facility will demand current vaccinations and certificate of health.

What can you do to make sure your pet is situated comfortably at his new vacation spot?

  • Visit the facility first with your pet, and stay a while. Just as you would a child, keep an attitude of “isn’t this fun?” as you walk around and notice fun and familiar things your pet would like.  When it comes time to drop him off, it’s also a good idea to stay for 5 minutes to make sure he gets adjusted.  Having said that, pet professionals know that some dogs adjust easier when the owner is gone.  Be sure to follow their advice in this situation.
  • Pandora Parri- January's Dog of the Month!Bring your dog’s favorite toy or blanket. Anything with your scent on it will make your dog feel more comfortable and safe.  If your dog has a favorite toy, this is the place where he might get the attention he wants.

So how can you find the best dog boarding in Clearwater, Florida?  When you search for “dog boarding Clearwater” online, make sure that the facilities you see include the qualities from this post.